100 Dutch-Language Poems

100 Dutch-Language Poems

As we are based in The Netherlands, we know a lot about the Dutch poets. At least, we think we know enough to share their words with the rest of the world. Therefore we can recommend some reading material for you. 100 Dutch-Language Poems. This is a translated treasury of the best Dutch poems.

100 Dutch-Language Poems
100 Dutch-Language Poems – From the Medieval Period to the Present Day

Did you know the oldest saved text in Dutch is actually a poem?


Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu, wat unbidan we nu?

Well, it doesn’t really rhyme, but when we translate this text, this is a good modern day poem:

All birds are a-nesting
save me and thee
why now do we tarry

This text can be found in the book 100 Dutch-Language poems. There are three versions available via Amazon. You can order these versions below this article. If you ‘re not convinced that there is no modern day poetry included, then you are wrong. Take for instance the poem written by Lieke Marsman:


Big Bang

By Lieke Marsman

One night on TV a physicist says
it’s not impossible the universe will one days
stop growing and slowly, faster
than light, implode. In that case
trillions of cosmoses might succeed
ours and we’d now be left dangling
from a family tree of universes. Imagine
only being able to reproduce
by ceasing to exist.

Next morning, when at the
start of a day I see I’ve begun
breathing again, I compare this tossing
around of stars to the bobbing about
of my breasts, to a radio
aerial you can keep sliding aimlessly in and out
and then, my most successful shot to date,
to a sea anemone.

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Your language

There are probably some beautiful poems written in your native language. Why not translate them and share them with us! Contact us for more information.

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