Not all poets use a title for the work they write. We came across the poetess Cyra, who tagged us on a post on Instagram. Her poem 1/17, the one we liked very much, is written after a break up of a long relationship.

Everyone who submits their work to us, we ask the same kind of questions. What is the title of the poem and why did you write this. Sometimes we also ask for more information about the writer. Cyra told us that her poems don’t go with a title. She chooses the date when she wrote the poems. This poem is written in January, therefore it is called 1/17.

Cyra started writing again after a long relationship. This relationship lasted seven years. This poem Cyra wrote looking back on that night her relationship ended. There are many unanswered questions.

Even though Cyra is recently started with Instagram, or at least when it comes down to her poetry, she is worth to follow on Instagram. She uses the pen name Cyra___.

You see, even when you just started sharing your poems with the rest of the world, we can promote your work! When you are using Instagram or any type of social media platform for a longer time, we can also promote your work.

Back to Cyra and her poem 1/17.


By Cyra


When I walked out the door
Did you know I wasn’t yours anymore?
When I said goodbye
Did you hear my heart cyring?
When I turned my back on you
Did you feel the weight of my defeat?
When I couldn’t look you in the eyes
Did you see the pain beneath my skin?
When you touched me for the last time
Did you feel my hollow bones breaking?
When I laid in silence
Did you hear me screaming?
And when you closed your weary eyes that night
Did you feel me bury you down into the depths
of my soul forever?

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