Someday we'll meet

Someday we'll meet

He introduced himself as a 26 year old poet, who loves to travel and began writing in school. He published five books that are available on Amazon. This is Aditya Rao. He wrote the poem Someday we’ll meet.


About the poet

A 26 year old poet who enjoys travel and languages, among other things. Began writing in high school and have continued since then. I have self-published five books via Amazon CreateSpace and plan to self-publish at least one more in the future. I also hope to experiment writing poetry in languages other than English. I have in fact written a few in Spanish.

As for us, we wish Aditya the best of luck. You can order his books directly from our website. You can follow Aditya on Instagram or Facebook.




Someday we’ll meet

Someday we'll meet

By Aditya Rao


Someday we’ll meet—by the fireside for now;

And through firewall and past arresting locks;

Across cyberspace-time, not knowing how

To fight push and pull of Pandora’s box.


With ebon keys to ivory tower

Mid iron environs and sirens’ sound;

Sod and brume abroad; or nearby bower,

Where gods’ flowers’ bloom can surely be found.


If you so choose, my muse, one day we’ll meet

In quaint and quiet shop or crowded place;

In deep, pin-drop silence or restless street,

And across any clime or time and space.


Whether craving a brew in brumal clime,

Or braving the same in some earthly hell,

Fall leaves freefall free-form, unforged in rime—

Tasteful humors in jest, and just as well.


Hopeless pyromantic by circumstance—

Ever a needless skill to prove my worth;

High water or hell, come the snowball’s chance,

We’ll meet if I must move heaven and earth.


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