The poem 4.29.17 is about the wish te be a child again and is written by The.Underwater.Starz.

About the poem

​What I was trying to express in this poem was, how much I wanted to be a kid again.

It’s also about some issues we face. Like my young daughter who’s only 13 and feels as if shes not a kid anymore. But in this it kinda says the kids didn’t care much, so why does the world care so much now. I also wrote it because I miss the freedom of being a kid and I hope my daughter can still be a kid and not grow up so fast!



By The.Underwater.Starz


Sweep me from my feet, carry me in the wind
To a place so far away
Back to my chilhood
Gazing in the mirror, seeing my younger self
Hidden behind these million layers
All by myself
Take me back to the time
When looks didn’t matter
When I ran with sweat dripping down my face, when I
didn’t know any better
Years and years of wisdom, have come to me
But sometimes I want to go back
Trying to climb that tree
Now its just history
Yet sometimes when the wind sweeps my face
I think about all those beautiful days

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