Clou McEvoy recently left her job but then in the whimsical way our world works has started her own business. A creative business and you can buy her products on Etsy. This busy bee shared the poem #51 with us.

About the poem

The focus of the writings (poems) of Clou is aimed at following her heart and staying true to who she is. This is also a good advice for others to do.

I feel in our modern society we spend so much time worrying about our place in ‘the system’ that we forget all about those childhood dreams we once had – the whispers of our heart. Life is becoming increasingly more about survival and less about finding our purpose, and this makes me so sad. But anyway, I digress, I fully appreciate we can’t exactly all jump ship and abandon our adult lives to pursue our 6 year old dreams (though if you can… PLEASE DO) but, what we can do, is listen to our hearts just a tiny bit more. I promise, it’ll always know what’s right ☺️

About her business

Clou in her video to announce the launch of her Etsy store

Clou recently started selling her work on Etsy. Her opening weekend at the end of April was very succesful. She hopes she can continue this trend. We hope so too!

She told us that this all means a lot to her. She suffers from anxiety and recently quit her job as a teacher to follow her heart. She wants to get back to, what she calls, more creative pathways. She admits that it wasn’t an easy step to take, but she took it. She feels a lot healthier and happier now. Things that are very important in life!

Clou sells her work on Etsy and shares her work via Instagram as well.






By Clou


When the voice of pride and reason
Are putting up a fight,
Listen to your heart –
Those whispers know what’s right.


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