83 lashes

83 lashes

The news of two young Indonesian men who had to undergo the punishment of 83 lashes after being caught having sex is part of the strict Sharia law on the island of Aceh. The punishment was carried out while a crowd of about 2.500 people watched. Four heterosexual couples were also punished for being too close to each other in a closed room.

One can become very angry about these actions. Love is something that should not be rewarded with canes. Who is to judge if love, except for the moments when child molesters have their way with children, isn’t acceptable. To what standards? One can point out that this is written in ancient religious books. The same books who tell everyone that there should be love and respect, right?

We live in a world where love isn’t for anyone to enjoy. Love between people of the same gender is considered to be a crime in Aceh. In other parts of the world, people can love in freedom. It’s so contradicting. Unfortunately, the events in Aceh mark the way some people think about same-sex relationships. Violence against gay people is still something that is considerd to be normal for many people, unfortunately.

This poem is inspired by these events in Aceh. If you want to read more about this, follow this link. There is a fair warning. The images can be considered shocking for some of us.

83 lashes


83 lashes

With every lash
they try to bash
the feelings about truelove
love that is considered a sin
Not allowed to love
Did they really think they can win,
this useless fight?
To cure something that can’t be cured
and is not there to be lured
If they aren’t right
do things that are immoral
who are you to benight
with your so-called moral

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