A cautionary warning

A cautionary warning

A cautionary warning, a poem about a cycle of hurt that is born from heartbreak. This poem is written by Daniel Robbins.

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About Daniel

He calls himself a ‘mountain boy’, who is ‘stuck in a big city.’ He writes for a good reason: to make sense of his thoughts:

I write because it’s the only way I can make sense of all the craziness in my mind. It helps me find clarity and peace in a world that seems to provide little of either.

Daniel publishes his work on Instagram.

About A cautionary warning

This is a piece about the cycle of hurt that is born from heartbreak — the way our own pain and brokenness so often leads us to hurt others, perpetuating the cycle even when we want so desperately to break out of it.

The last verse is ultimately a sort of resignation: despite my best intentions, I’m still scared I’m going to hurt you, so protect yourself and proceed with caution.

It’s also a subtle nod to the way we selfishly shift blame to the people we hurt to cope with feelings of guilt. “It’s not my fault, I warned you. YOU should have been more careful.”

A cautionary warning

A cautionary warning

By Daniel Robbins

just as broken glass
carelessly discarded
can cut unwitting handlers
somewhere down the line,

so too my shattered heart
has sliced so many
unaware of the danger
of reaching for my love.

and now i come
with a cautionary warning:
beware! sharp edges!
protective gloves recommended.

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