A conversation

A conversation

A poem send by Faiz Ahmed, who works as a finance professional and also writes poetry. The poem he send us is called A conversation.

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I’m very passionate about stand up comedy hence I’ve a great sense of humor about writing, Sometimes jokes sometimes poetry either way!

I got idea about writing the mentioned poem day one of good friend got married.  I happened to attained his wedding and during the service pastor spoke about love, marriage, life, pain, suffering, poverty etc.

About the poem

I took time to realize how much blessed I’m that I’ve access to  basic  things many people consider to be luxury,  that’s all was the idea about writing this poem.

A Conversation

By Faiz Ahmed

A conversation

Oh Almighty father,
I long to feel your presence
Let calmness fill me with that holy essence,
This song be echoed in your skies, cause nothing but bother


There is an emptiness in my heart,
My future seems uncertain and void
Little distractions, I fail to avoid
From each other, we have drifted far apart


Human beings are often funny
When life moves forward, joyful and steady
Thanking or remembering you during those times, we simply aren’t ready
For we are content, our pockets filled with money


My mind cannot comprehend your existence or creation
Why do I feel in my heart, an invisible hole?
For it is faith in you, that completes my soul


Not been the best person lately,
Said yes to things I should’ve said no to
Causing angst and regression, my forehead has turned blue
Help this little boy, for he needs you greatly!


Every night I gaze into the skies
Counting stars, my friends doubt your existence,
They argue with scientific persistence
Whilst they see your celestial magnificence with sodden eyes


My faith in you is abundant,
Sometimes I’m lost and weary
The conformities of the World and the Big Bang theory,
These things in my life are redundant


I want you to be my friend again,
Help me focus on achieving my dreams
Although deep and distant it seems,
Read poetry lying in her lap, a Dane


They say its the darkest before dawn,
I’m only human and get impatient
Fighting with God who is so mighty and ancient,
My faith restores me, and this darkness will soon be gone!

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