A drunk poem

A drunk poem

She wrote about friendships and relationships, that she often idealises. Sometimes too much. This is the poem A drunk poem, written by Sarah Kamenz (Zeddy).

SarahAbout the poet

I’m Sarah Kamenz, better known by my pen name Zeddy. I’m a 24 year old writer from Canada.

My poetry account is @mypoetrynotebook

About the poem

A Drunk Poem was written based on friendships or relationships that I often have the habit of idealizing. This poem is about putting people on a pedestal that they will inevitably fall off of, and dealing with the aftermath.


A drunk poem

By Sarah Kamenz (My Poetry Notebook)

A drunk poem

I can imagine the look in your eyes
And your smile ever so crooked
As you breathe in rum
And breathe out smoke
I can imagine your hands in the dark
As they explore
Places on my body
And your lips chek points past
The taste of my tongue
Legends and myths oceans between us
As our hearts beat next to each other
We breathe in spontaneity
And breathe out reason
And I know a lot of my poems end up about you
Even if they don’t start out that way
Though you left me months ago
My lips are trying to find their way back
And I know love stories would lead up to a moment
Where they found their way back
Like treasure maps
But I’m not sure I ever will
Find my gold
And I’m wondering if the gold is really in your smile
Or the way your smile made me feel
Because my heart is rotting now
At the sound of your name
As I breathe in missed opportunities
And breathe out regret
You’d swear someone so sappy
Couldn’t be so bitter
But I guess this is what you call coping
And vodka has never tasked so sour
Until it was mixed with you.

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