A haiku about me

A haiku about me

Pepijn de Wit writers short poems and quotes others too. His Instagram profile is one that needs to be followed! This time we will share one of his poems, with the promise that we will do this some more in the near future.

About the poet

When we asked Pepijn to write something about himself, he gave the following information:

Pepijn lives in the Netherlands waiting for his chance to see the world. He is a cultural anthropologist pursuing an academic career, a pool player at heart, and a writer in the making. Writing helps him to unravel the messy thoughts captured in the creative mind of an attentive and introvert observer. He writes to make people think, to inspire, to make people laugh, and to feel better. He also writes because he just likes to write.

Good luck with the studies Pepijn and don’t forget to write your wonderful thoughts! As you can see, this is a haiku. Yes, we offer also the possibility to get your haiku posted and promoted!

A haiku about me

A haiku about me

By PepijnDW

A writer he is
holding a cue in his hand
an all seasons flu.


Social media

Follow Pepijn on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also visit his own website: https://pepijndewit.wordpress.com.

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