A hundred stars for one wish

A hundred stars for one wish

This is a poem about a love, that isn’t her to keep. Irina Mizuki finds it hard to forget him and captured her thoughts in a poem.

About Irina

Irina Mizuki is eighteen years old and lives in Indonesia and calls herself an ordinary girl. Someone told her, she is just like a dandelion. A dandelion that is free and may look ordinary, but deep inside she is kind-hearted.

Her Instagram profile is a mixture of softness (in photos), combined with strong poems. Following her on Instagram, is a good option to consider.

About this poem

So this poem is talked about someone i love but i am not his mine, and i couldn’t forget him even he has any girlfriend. And oh, i imagine that we become a couple, what a magic! I do really hope that with making 100 stars, what i wish becoming true. And i wish “he can love me as well as i love him”


A hundred stars for one wish

A hundred stars for one wish

But baby,
How could i forget you?
When everything simply
Reminds me of you.

How magical it could’ve been
If i had you with me
So that i make A hundred stars
For one wish.

I wish you’ll love me
Like i love you. 💞

Irina Mizuki

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