A love poem without title

A love poem without title

Shreya Surana loves to play with words. She came up with a poem that doesn’t have a title. A one-stanza-love-poem. This is a love poem without title, but with a deeper meaning.

About this poem

Shreya told us that this poem is about the perception of those who are in love and think about how their love grows. This is love poetry in its most simple form. One stanza, filled with love.

An untitled love poem

So, the conclusion to this poem: love is chaotic? Love comes from a chaotic mindset? Well, not really. According to Shreya, this love comes forth at any given moment and this is a turbulent time – that sprung love eventually.

One can only conclude that this is the love everyone should deserve at any point in their live.

Social media

Shreya publishes her work on social media. She is an active user of Instagram, where she uses the pen name Shreya Writes.

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