A message to her younger self

It is a poem that she wrote to her younger self. A message about what she used to believe in. A good warning for those, who still consider these thoughts to be good. This is a message to her younger self, written by the Canadian poetess Melissa Plotogea.

Melissa Plotogea
Melissa Plotogea
Source: Instagram.

About Melissa

Melissa is 23 years old, lives in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and writes under the pen name Let the heaviness go. As she describes on her Instagram profile, she is recovering from a broken heart and was at one point able to write about her experiences. Writing instead of bottling things up.

“Poetry has become an outlet where I can release my emotions. Writing continue to helps me over come anxiety, depression and self-neglect. I hope that my words can touch someone else and help them during their hard times as well. “

Her poetry she published under the pen name Let the heaviness go. Details about her daily life, she publishes on her personal account.


About the poem

Melissa learned lessons and wants to share them with the rest of the world. Her lessons aren’t that hard to follow. Lessons about how you see others, what is the difference between good and bad. Basic knowledge one might say. However, this isn’t the case for some of us. At least not for Melissa, when she was younger.

To search for love is one thing, to do the things she describes in her poem is another. Still, this can be quite the struggle. For Melissa it was.

“I used to search for love and validity from others. But I realize now that the only love I ever needed was within myself. I hope I can reach out to girls out there and let them know they are all beautiful, and strong in their own special way and they have an incredible power within themselves to be whoever they want to be.”

This is a good example of what we should consider as motivational- or inspirational poetry. With the changing world we live in and the fact that nowadays many poets turn to social media, this type of poetry is not only written by many, but also read by many. Does that make this poem less or even better? There is nothing wrong with the message that Melissa writes about. Nothing at all. Well-chosen words and therefore worth to share!

A message to her younger self

to the girl who replaced her dad’s
neglect with older boys attention.
to the girl who was made to believe
outside beauty was more
important than what was within.
to the girl who confused love with
lust, and believed giving
themselves up was a must.
you are not to blame. now wipe
those tears away, and from within,
unleash a kind of magic the world
has never seen before.

Melissa Plotogea

A message to her younger self
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A message to her younger self
A poem about how we should look at the experiences we dealt with. Written by Melissa.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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