A poem about a lost love

A poem about a lost love

When translated, her name means as much as The Twilight Sky. This is the poem written for her best friend, who lost her love. A poem writtenby Sanjusha Durgam (I Verse U).

I Verse U on InstagramAbout Sanjusha

The reason that Sanjusha started using Instagram was because a friend forced her to install the app. This opened her eyes: she saw the poems of so many others and it inspired her to do the same. On Instagram she uses the pen name I Verse U (I_Verse_U).

Sanjusha lives in India and she writes poetry because it is her passion. When writing she feels a sense of freedom and independence.

An Independence where I can be my true self and impress the ones reading my verses. There are no side characters or masks to my words. There are no back-stabbers. I love to revel in this truth. So, that’s mostly why I write.

She started writing when she was a child. Because of others, who probably did not know what they were talking about – judging her work -, she stopped writing. As she says about this:

People told me they were meaningless scribbles.

We believe her words aren’t meanlingess scribbles. This is poetry straight from the heart and it takes both courage and empathy, to write for and about others, such as this poem.

It’s needless to say that we suport poets like Sanjusha. No matter what others say, keep on writing!

About this poem

Sanjusha wrote this poem for a friend of her. This friend lost her love and tried everything to keep them together, until the end.

Yet, she loves him and she nurtures the love she has for him, hoping that one day he’ll come back from his grave. No matter how long a dead tree is watered, it’s useless. But, As long as there’s love, there’s hope, even if that hope is abnormally twisted.


A poem about a lost love

By Sanjusha Durgam

A poem about a lost love

I water this delapidated tree
Of our romance and love

Maybe, one day
Its wilted leaves could sway

Maybe, one noon
Its withered flowers could bloom

Maybe, one night
You and I could be set right.


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