A poem about "Can't"

A poem about "Can't"

AHeartOfSilver is the pen name of Madison (Madi) Harrison. She wrote a poem about “Can’t” when it comes to love. The realisation things might have been different for her.

Madison. Source: Instagram.

About Madison

Combining poetry with different art forms. That is what Madison Harrison shows on her Instagram profile. She writes for a good reason.

I am a human who writes stuff because 99% of the time I can’t formulate my actually feelings or thoughts in my head clearly so I just scribbles them out until they make sense.

An interesting thought, about that percentage. With her poems, she is able to bring forward various subjects. There is, however, one returning subject: the ability to learn after falling down. This is a poetess worth to follow on Instagram.

About this poem

I wrote this poem after living a life loving those who could never love me the same way back. They didn’t realize it, I didn’t want to acknowledge the facts, but the “can’t” were the universes warnings that I needed to go.

This untitled poem isn’t just likeĀ any motivational poem. It is the refusal to settle for anything less. Yes, we make mistakes, so did the poetess, but it’s all about getting back on your feet after – in this case- a darker period when it comes to love. One can only support Madison for her strenght.



A quitters favorite word is “Can’t.”

If I had only noticed earlier how you used
that word as a crutch, then I wouldn’t have
ended up crippled by how you “Can’t” love

Madison Harrison / aheartofsilverpoetry

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