A poem about inexplicable anger and confusion

A poem about inexplicable anger and confusion

Gabrielle Angelone has been writing poetry for about three to four years now. This student from Melbourne (Australia) can’t really remember when she started writing. She has never stopped, from the moment she began. This is her poem.

Gabrielle on InstagramAbout Gabrielle

Gabrielle is 23 years old and lives in Australia. She tells us, that her poetry isn’t “particularly cryptic.” Her poetry is the way to express, explain and understand her own emotions and te emotions that have a relationship with herself.

I fell in love, for the first time, while I was living through a period of damaged mental health. As I have always been a private person, I found the best way to deal with the overload of emotions, at the time, was to write myself through them. It helped a lot, and now I can’t really stop!

Gabrielle publishes her work on Tumblr and Instagram.

About the poem

As said, the poem isn’t cryptic, but Gabrielle felt some explanation is needed.

This poem is really about the inexplicable anger and confusion felt over someone you feel possessive of, but aren’t actually with. It’s touching on the human tendency to be greedy and self absorbed; to feel like something as simple as getting a fresh hairdo, is somehow an insult or a jab at you.



By Gabrielle Angelone


You dyed your hair,
and I felt cheated.
Like, the bleach in your locks,
was a way of burning me
from your memories.

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