A poem by Written_Warrior

There is much to say about the poetry of J. Lee Staggs/Lestan Gregor. This poet writes under the pen name Written Warrior on Instagram and gives his poems no title for a good reason.

About the poet

He uses three names on Instagram: Written_Warrior, J. Lee Staggs and Lestan Gregor. This poet is forty years old and lives in San Diego (California, US). For him writing is his way to keep on going. This is his way to express himself. This lead to a beautiful collection of poetry. Be sure to follow this poet on Instagram.

About the poem

It is one of the first questions we ask those who want to get their work featured on the website: What is the title of the poem? When we asked J. Lee Staggs or Lester Gregor about the title of the poem we are featuring, he gave a good answer:

I do not title my poetry. I let the words in them define themselves. A title is a label, that I believe can force and idea of how to take the poem… I prefer (that) the reader to take what comes to them naturally from it. I want the readers to look at my work and be able to put their own self into it, making it a bit of their own, so to speak.

Since we are website that thrives on poems and we do use titles for the articles we publish, this was quite the challenge. Is this a motivational poem or an inspirational poem? Does it hold a mirror for those who consider about quitting? You be the judge!

A poem by Written_Warrior

Though you may feel weak
Sometimes altogether frail
The end is worth the journey
If you don’t give up on the trail
Do trust your intuition
When you don’t is how you fail
Keep your feet on your path
And you will find your secret grail

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