A poem inspired by her journey

A poem inspired by her journey

Originally she is from Sydney (Australia) and currently she is staying in the United Kingdom. This Australian musician – Lucinda, doesn’t only perform beautiful songs that are featured on her Instagram profile, she writes beautiful poetry too. This poem is inspired by her journey around the world.

About this poem

Her journey isn’t just a journey. It’s also a spiritual journey. This poem tells us that story. It’s a story of how someone can see things on the outside and encounter new experiences, but can also learn from that what she sees. Most of all, Lucinda wants us to know that this poem is about self-love.

A poem inspired by her journey

so loud and so bright

when clouds dissipate

sweet sweet humming

until hours sink away


when it’s quiet alone

don’t forget golden sun

and warmth in my bones

and the home i’ve become



The photo used for this poem is taken by Lucinda. You can find this photo on her Instagram profile. Be sure to check out the wonderful extracts of her songs and the beautiful photos from all over Europe.


Your journey

We are always interested in those poets who are on a journey. Remember, there is no need to travel very far to be on a journey. You don’t even have to leave your home. In case you do, just like Lucinda does, you can always combine the images with your beautiful words. Words we do want to promote on our website and on the social media profile we use.


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