A poem inspired by life

A poem inspired by life

This is a poem, inspired by life. This poem is written by Nidhi. She writes, because she is inspired by the world surrounding her.

About Nidhi

She explains on her own website, that she is just another girl. One that writes poetry and studies Medicine. She lives in India and considers her writings as a hobby.

On a regular basis, I’m a medical student, learning to save lives and cure ailments.

On a spiritual basis, I’m a human with galaxies of thoughts dancing around in her head. A universe of possibilities and growth breathes with my every breath, and I dream of knowing every little star that twinkles in this breathtaking night sky of my soul.


About this poem

Nidhi doesn’t use titles for her poems. She wrote this poem, based on the things she experienced and saw in her own life.

A poem inspired by life

For once I want to exist,
not fade away.
For once, pray
I wish to stay.


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