A poetess who follows her heart

This is all about the Dutch poetess Ruby Amusah. A poetess who follows her heart.

The Dutch poetess Ruby Amusah is a poetess who writes poetry in Dutch and English. This is a poetess who follows her heart. This leads to poems such as Davey, a poem she wrote for a friend.

Ruby Amusah

About Ruby

Attitude, that is the first word that comes to mind when reading her work on her Instagram profile and website. But in a good way, don’t worry. The word attitude comes to mind, because of the way she presents her. An open-minded woman, who writes from her heart. This is the world of Ruby and how she sees it.

Originally, we talked about the possibilities to promote her work. She started writing, not especially for us – still we were one of the first to read the poem Davey.

Just like the poem Davey, there are many other poems on her website, that show she has the right attitude towards this world we live in. She observes a world, where there is still need for change. Take for instance the poem Freedom, that was written on May 5th. This poem celebrates freedom, but also stresses the need for change. Modern day slavery, as Ruby calls is, that is something that needs changing.

Her words, give us a mirror. A mirror that we should look in and ask the question, what we can do about some things she describes.

The most difficult of all, is that we subconsciously can be influenced about the words of others.

She considers values as freedom and freedom to express herself to be very important. She doesn’t want to feel bad about what others might say or do say.

We see a poetess and writer, who has the ability to point out what bothers her. Sometimes she is just straight forward. That what she doesn’t like, she describes – in full detail.

In The Netherlands, we have this saying Maak van je hart geen moordkuil. In English, this will be Don’t make a murder pit of your heart. It means as much to say what is on your mind. Yes, these moments can be both difficult and confronting. So is the photo we used for the poem Davey. But more about that in the section About Davey.

Ruby at her work
Ruby at her work. Source: www.rubiennewritten.nl.

Ruby doesn’t only write. She also considers herself to be madly in love with a certain fashion brand. Fashion streetstyle. You can read more on her website: www.rubiennewritten.nl.

It goes without saying, that we look forward not only reading more of her work, but also publishing it on our website!

About Davey

The poem Davey is one of the most recent poems written by Ruby. She dedicated this poem to a friend of her: Davey. This is someone who makes body art in complex yoga / b-boy poses. Yes, sometimes he steps over certain boundaries and uses, let’s say, somewhat different clothing. He doesn’t seem to be limited to gender type clothing. This last part, it causes some friction with those who don’t understand. Or have an opinion.

Ruby spoke with him about the judgement of others. The remarks he gets, the statements and yes, the hate. For her it is difficult for her, to see that she is influenced – sometimes subconsciously. She can relate, because there are times her friends and family have something to say about how she acts or dresses. She blames it on nurture and finds it very tiresome, to not get pulled down.

There are moments, this poetess asks herself: Can’t I stand criticism or feedback? Then she realises, the remarks are offensive. When you are different and choose to walk your own path, people will always have some sort of criticism. Just for that part, what she told about this criticism and the ability to find your own path, one must admire this point of view. Set aside the way that the artists and friend that Ruby dresses, it is different and it’s walking a different path. That is something to admire.

The message of this poem is to think beyond. Instead of labelling everything: in this case gay or not, she thinks it is a better idea not to ask or judge.

Closer to home – Davey lives in the United States -, Ruby can find the same anger within herself when a friend of her makes a remark on the way she was dressed.

Even though it is very tiring, she finds it in her heart to step over the boundaries and ignorance for respect by others and keep on going. This is the message of this poem to. This can be the message for you, the reader of this poem; step over, what is maybe clouding your day.



your name is Davey
It is de-ter-mined to be
A man’s name
In A
Man’s world
But you…
You are more than
The grea-test man

Free from gender
Free from race

You’re just you

My heart bleeds
FOR you
I feel you
From miles away
Just wal-king through
The same day
In a dif-ferent time frame

But what is in a name?
De-fines it our matter
Of to be
Fuck it and cya
Live your OWN life’s destiny

Ruby Amusah / Rubienne Written

About the photo

We have thought for a long time whether or not to use this photo. Without this photo, the article (and poem), may be less confrontational. But it would do no justice to this poem. It is a statement, an expression, a feeling. Poetry is all that. That is why we decided to use the photo.

Remember: freedom of speech works both ways. 

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