A romantic poem by Daisy "Magicdust"

It was a perfect illusion

Daisy wrote her first romantic poem and it’s very special to her. She told us that she feels every word she wrote in the poem It was a perfect illusion.

About the poet

Daisy lives in Delhi (India) and writes for what she calls healing.

About the poem

This one is one of my first romantic poem that I’ve ever written and it’s very special to me, I felt ever word that I’ve wrote.

I feel romance makes us feel youthful, energized and alive .
It’s one of the greatest highs in the  world. it’s something that  makes you forget yours sufferings. if my poem can even help one individual to forget his/her sufferings, even temporarily, I am happy.

You can follow Daisy on Instagram where she uses the pen name Daisy “Magicdust”

It was a perfect illusion

By Daisy “Magicdust”


It was a perfect illusion

It was a perfect illusion

His sensual words increase
my pulse, tickle my nerves,
stimulate my brain.
Soft gentle touch of his
hands on my bare skin, left
me with three words,


Breathless and irresistible
he crushed me against him
filling his sweat in my pores,
as I surrendered
myself to him.

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