A soul awake

A soul awake
It took me probably a lot longer with my struggle in life to realize this than most people....

The poem Hope is inspired by the time Jeremiah James spend by the Buddhist monks in Northern California. At a time when many people gave up on him, he struggled and went on.

About the poet

I live in Phoenix and I swear I’m the only Caucasian here with a sun burn year round :/

About the poem

I wrote this when everyone gave up on me and labeled me a lost cause….yet I never allowed myself to feel hopeless. I was young at the time living in Northern California and hanging around a group of Buddhist Monks…any and every kind of knowledge I learned from them I wrote into this poem. I might of been young and dumb but I made it through a struggle at a younger age than most people could even do.

A soul awake

By Jeremiah James

A soul awake

Is but a waking dream,
Left up to one’s faith,
To create it’s own mean.

It’s a simple wish,
One makes to expect–
To come to be,
And take effect.

As hope is the dream,
Of one’s soul awake.
And a chance to redeem–
What one wishes to take.

With hope lies a path,
Which all will see.
For the destined soul,
Who wished it be.

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