A storm mixed with fierce rain

A storm mixed with fierce rain
This is a poem written by Starlight.

Privacy, we respect that! When someone is uncomfortable about sharing their personal details, we can only respect this. Her name is Starlight and she wrote the poem A storm mixed with fierce rain.

About the poetess

She writes beautiful poems on Instagram. She decided to withhold her real name. The pseudonym she uses is Starlight. She lives in India and has been writing for almost a year now.

Poetry is not the only thing that takes up her time. She is currently studying Dental Sciences. About writing, she has the following to say:

” Writing has always been really special to me, in many ways. It healed me when I was broken and gave me peace. It’s been with me always and I shall never give up on it even if I do some other job. It’s something really close to my heart and I aspire to reach more people out there through it. “

That is a good motivation to write. It lead to an interesting combination of her poetry on Instagram.

About A storm mixed with fierce rain

This poem is about those who suffer so much, but are able to hide the pain. It is not possible to tell from their faces, that they are suffering.

“They are the strongest people out there. By this poem I just want to convey that you never know what a person is going through, even the ones who appear to be brave might be suffering within, so being gentle towards people is very important. “


A storm mixed with fierce rain

A storm mixed with fierce rain

She is a storm mixed with fierce rain
you wouldn’t know her journey
you’d never understand the pain
but she still smiles like she’s the
happiest person
she still blooms like a flower in spring
try to know her a bit more
you’ll realise,
even the happiest smiles hold so much


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