A twist to Cinderella

A twist to Cinderella

When Snehal Penharkar asked us to publish one of her poems, we took a good look at her Instagram page. Such a hard decision to make, because her poems are beautiful to read. For this introduction articile the poem with a twist to Cinderella was used.

About the poet

It started out as homework, in high school: writing poetry. From that moment it went on to what Snehal (the translation of this name is Love; Friendly; Bring Love to People) calls something that is part of the soul.

It took me quite a while to gather the courage for publicly posting my words.

We salute you and thank you for making this decision!

Snehal is twenty years old and from India. We hope you keep on writing your beautiful words!

The poem

This poem is from the Instagram page of Snehal: http://instagram.com/snehal_pendharkar


The beauty left the party
when the clock struck
Careful not to drop a glass slipper,
To be safe from the
beasts lurking to feast
upon her.

Your work

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