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Abstract poetic art

And now it’s time to introduce the term abstract poetry art or abstract poetic art. This form of poetry is all about the way the author (poet) tries to transform feelings into object. A fair warning is justified. This form of poetry is considered to be very incoherent.

When reading parts of an abstract poem, it’s hard to understand. If you read more sentences, the pattern becomes more clear. This form of poetry was introduced in The Netherlands under the name Abstract Poëtische Kunst (Abstract Poetry Art, APA) by philosopher Jean Dubuffet Sr.

When Dubuffet Sr. introduced his work in the thirties of the previous century, people didn’t understand what he was achieving. This criticism had a huge impact on him. He decided to fled to Switzerland and chose to lead a life in the anonymity.

Was this the end of this form of art? Not really. The art form survived till Second World War. This form of art was prohibited in The Netherlands by the German occupiers. A lot of work as destroyed by the Germans at that time.

Nowadays APA is a long forgotten form of poetry. There are those authors who write poetry inspired by Dubuffet, but they mostly do this on anonymous basis. The critic about this form of art is still very strong.


You are probably wondering where you can read more about this form of poetry. The bad news is that there isn’t much online of Dubuffet Sr. The search ends with the French painter and writer, who is in no way to be confused with the Dutch poet. This is probably a very good case of anonymity.

If one searches for abstract poetry in general, you can find more examples.

Aurora Borealis

By Lanterne




northern glow-

‘as is’ starlight




Picture me

By Cinqku




collage my mind-

watercolour me blue

and true


So, if I was to take this upon me and write an abstract verse, this would probably be a good time to do so.




By Tessel


Computer, OK
There is a no
Useless, whereto?


Now I am interested. Can you do better? Challenge yourself to write! And don’t hesitate to share your poetry with us. It’s possible to publish your work anonymously if you like. Click here to submit your work. We love to promote your work.

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