About an unexpected loss of a friendship

About an unexpected loss of a friendship

They say that friendships come and go. Every few years, we are supposed to change friends, according to those who are experienced in these type of relationships. Alexa Fortune valued a friendship, that she unexpectedly lost.

About the poem

As always, Alexa took the time to send us a detailed description of what the poem reflects. We published her work often on our website. Her poetry is written straight from the heart. In this poem, she talks about a friendship and what it meant to her.

“This poem starts off by explaining my feelings as if I were assessing my thoughts and feelings directly to the friend, who had not given me the time I needed to explain my truth.”

This poem reads as if she is soul-searching in some way. Finding her way to explain what was important. It’s all about expressing herself to show what she is all about and share her beliefs and ideas.

In the first stanza, we find this poetess trying to explain that she wasn’t really heard before. She just let the other one assume things, even if they weren’t really true.

In the second stanza, we read that not being heard leads to wrong conclusions or assumptions. These are the times you can feel the hurt of not really being hurt.

The thought that someone really “digs” you is so fine. How about that moment when you have to realize that the opposite is going on? Alexa:

“I end up draining all my energy and not getting through to the person who I thought understood my personality and outlook on life.”

This can be quite a confronting conclusion. It is in a way also satisfying, because, after a few days, she realized that letting go was the best option.

“The last few lines highlight how people tend to not be real anymore. They don’t feel the need to explain themselves and would rather break a friendship, give one the silent treatment and never be friends with that person again. This poem touches very lightly on having friendships with others who have more privilege in a situation and how that can affect a relationship in terms of understanding the person who does not have as much. This poem is a very significant one when thinking about friendships and how to overcome them. Sometimes it is best to let go after you’ve tried to resolve a problem in order for you to stay sane and to be fair to yourself, about the relationships that are worth valuing in your life. Once you can flip the switch on any negative situation and remove negative people out of your life, you will become a happier person with a healthier mindset.”

Magnificent writing, as always!

About an unexpected loss of a friendship

I’ll let you believe your truth,
because you never believed mine anyways.
I’ve learnt to let go of you,
after multiple attempts to get through you.
I’ve learnt that I cannot convince you
of who I am and what that means to you.

I’ve learnt that you’re so drenched in pride and privilege,
so much so that you have become oblivious to my struggle.
I’ve learnt that being an adult means having to accept
that some people will never understand your struggle or your core.
They will give you the silent treatment
and instantly cut you off without attempting to understand or learn more.


Alexa Fortune



About an unexpected loss of a friendship
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About an unexpected loss of a friendship
Read Alexa Fortune's thoughts on a friendship that ended
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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