About poetry

Let’s talk about poetry for a moment. Without real poems to read. This article is just about the phenomenon poetry. A form of expression that has been used for a very long time. 

The word poetry comes from the Greek word Poiesis. Translated to English the right word will be making. But it weren’t the Greeks who invented poetry. The history is not really clear enough on this point.

It is believed that the first poems date back to the Sumerian culture. The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered to be one of the most early forms of poetry. The work evolved from traditional songs. Songs that were inspired by the Chinese culture. This was a way for people to tell about the things that were important enough to share.

As it comes to the debate if China was the root of poetry, there is a lot of discussion going on. Some believe that the poetry came from India.

How ever it may be, poetry began at one moment in history. Probably to make it easier to express one’s feelings or remember important things. This was the moment when rhyme was introduced. With success. Thousands of years later, poetry is still here and it will be for quite some time.

About poetry

Poetry is still very much alive these days. As you can tell from the followers on our Instagram-account, on a daily basis, many poems are written. This is also what we do. Not at this time, because I wanted to take the time to answer the question when poetry was born. Since this is not an easy task and will lead to discussion, let’s assume that at some point in history it was there. Just like the invention of fire or the wheel, we cannot give credits to one person for this invention. If we could point, this person has created a way of expression that inspires millions. All over the world, people read and write poetry.

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