About the night sky

Night sky

There is so much to share when talking about the night sky. I’ve collected some beautiful examples, so that you may be inspired to write. 

About the night sky

The sky at night is sometimes so beautiful that it really is necessary to write about this. There is much inspiration to be gathered from the sky at night. So did Amitav Radiance in the following poem.

Night Sky

By Amitav Radiance
The constellation of the night sky
Dotted with Asterism
Calling our attention to the mystical lights
Plotting an image on our minds
The celestial space is where minds wander

Stephanie M. Mayle clearly took a good look at the stars that come out at night.


By Stephanie M. Mayle

Stars are falling, beaming down.
On the ground, is where I’m found.
On a summer
s night, some stars may fall,
But I am here to catch them all.
Looking at the stars above, I can see some stars of love.
Some are good,
Some are kind.
Some are yours,
And some are mine.
Oh! Stars above please shine your light,
So that I may find my way, tonight.

Am I the only one that longs for a Summer’s night right now?

Moving on to other words. Sometimes the night sky can be very frightening.


By Night Sky

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As I open myself up to you, my dear,
Your eyes, glistening blue.
Can you sense my fear?

All my secrets out for you to hear,
I wonder if you will share with me too.
As I open myself up to you, my dear.

My soul is open for you to peer,
I warn you not to look right through.
Can you sense my fear?

My heart wrenches as you sneer,
Making fun, is it the best you can do?
As I open myself up to you, my dear.

From my eye falls a single tear,
Curiosity must have killed the feeling in you.
Can you sense my fear?

I fall apart when you are not near,
Must you go too?
I opened myself up to you, my dear,
Could you sense my fear?

I know, the night can be sometimes a time of fear. The darkness can be very oppressive. But, to end with a lighter tone, let’s share the last poem.

I dreamt last night of you and me

By Charles Green

I dreamt last night of you and me,
your lips so soft I kissed
We floated on a silken cloud,
drew rainbows on the mist

Then counted daisies in a field
and when your smile appeared
I gathered up a sweet bouquet
that whispered in your ear

Made love upon a mountain top,
the snow was pure and white
Then marveled at a hummingbird
its tiny wings a’ flight

We rode inside a trolley car
up hills and over dales
Setting forth to distant shores
with paisley colored sails

Caught moonbeams in a Mason jar,
and poured them on our skin
Then there neath jealous fireflies
we made sweet love again

Set dominoes in a straight line
and laughed as they did fall
Your evening gown and brand new shoes
were perfect for the ball

We caught a flight to someplace near,
yet is was also far
For when we landed once again
we stood upon a star

That’s when I heard from listening
to someone passing by
This evening now came to an end
I thought that I might cry

But when my eyes did open to
your beauty as my view
It mattered not what I had dreamt,
my dreams had all come true

That’s it! I am off to find fields filled with daisies!


So, how about you? Did you ever write about the sky at night? We love to share your poems!

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