Poetry is everywhere! It’s in books, on pamphlets, in commercials, in images and websites like The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. But let’s talk about this website!


It all started in 2016. The idea was simple: to create a platform for writers and poets. The website promoted poetry in the broadest sense. The original website was active between 2016 and 2018. In 2018 this website closed down and a new project started: Let’s Agree It’s Art. This website wasn’t quite as successful as The Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

In September 2020, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs made a restart. With a few modifications.


The website still promotes poetry. The promotion is different now. Before anyone could submit their work and it was published on the website.

Nowadays, the promotion form still is available on the website. However, there is never a guarantee that the work will be used on the website.

It doesn’t stop at ‘just’ the analysis. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is also the platform to follow when it comes to writing aids, writing tips and proofreading of your work/books.


One can ask the question why there should be another website about poetry. Well, poetry is a form of art that inspires many people. Resources about poetry aren’t hard to find. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs tries to focus on the free words and the analysis go further and deeper than on other websites.


It’s the mission of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs to provide an open an independent platform for words written in freedom or that are about freedom.


Poetry is a form of art. Art can be about words too. Across the globe, many people not only enjoy poetry, but want to know more about poetry.

Social media

Previously The Ministry of Poetic Affairs was very active on Instagram. The new approach will not be different, but the interaction will be less.

Behind all of this is Harm Jagerman. A Dutch photographer and writer. Hopefully, more people want to join this platform as writers. This will be on voluntary basis.

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is a Dutch-based company. More details are on the Contact-page.

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