She told us, that she has been writing her whole life. This started the moment she was able to read and write. This is the poem (A(da)tom), all about the similarities of words that are fundamental aspects of both science and religion. Splendidly written by Brittany (New.s.age N.S.Age).


Brittany on Instagram
Brittany on Instagram: New.s.age.

About Brittany

Who ever said, that Harry Potter isn’t a source of inspiration is wrong. Brittany considers the books written by J.K. Rowling to be very inspiring.

She just finished her study – BA in English Education. Long before, she started writing. Ever since she was able to read and write. She didn’t stop. Her work can be read on her Instagram profile.

About the poem

The title – (A)da)tom) – is not your every-day-title. Brittany wrote this because of her interest in the similarities of the words that are fundamental to both science and religion.

“But more than that I wanted to write a poem that empowered the female essence and challenge the perception that a female is less than a male. Some people twist certain literature (such as that of Adam and Eve) to support this ideology. So, I wanted to compare energy that comes from an atom to that of Eve coming from Adam.

I wanted to portray female empowerment by the comparison of energy coming from the splitting of an atom and Eve coming from the splitting of Adam. To portray the idea that things can become much more than their origins.

To show how much more powerful than her origins Eve could be. It’s like the idea of the student who overtakes the master, the monster who surpasses the creator.”

An impressive way of describing this beautiful written poem!



She clawed out of boned bars
With a deafening crack,
A scalding crimson mass
of chaos. Much too much
For soft fleshy lambs
G(r)azing, hungry for land.
Her sweat soaked his parched lips
And brought blossoms to the bramble.
Light filled the punctured lung-
Constellations among
Organs, and the future
Spread before him, a vast expanse
Of potential. Such a vision
Made him tremble.
For so it goes, the monster
Outgrows. She roams free,
A wild and untamable

New.s.age / N.S.Age


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A poem written by Brittany (New.s.age) about the similarities between words in both science and religion.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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