Advertising options

Advertising options


What are you waiting for?

Still not convinced if your company should try our advertising options? Or do you want to know more about our advertising options? Then this is the place to be!


Why advertise on our website and more…

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is open to advertising options. We offer the chance to buy banner space, space in our newsletters and of course related product reviews. Your invoice isn’t just an invoice. It’s an investment to continue the project we started. You can consider it as a sponsorship, with benefits!


We offer the following options for advertisers on our website:

  • Banners (side banners, banners inside articles on our website).
  • Banners in our newsletters
  • Social media ads
  • Product reviews

If you are interested in something that isn’t listed on this page, no problem: we are open to suggestions!


Banners on our website

We offer the chance to buy banner space on our website. This can be a banner in the side bar of our website or in articles. We are open as it comes down to the costs. As we are a Dutch based company, the prices are listed in Euros. Click on this link for the right exchange rates.


Period Amount excl. tax Amount incl. tax (21 %)
1 month € 50,- € 60,50
2 months € 90,- € 108,90
3 months € 110,- € 133,10
6 months € 200,- € 242,00
1 year € 500,- € 605,00

If you advertise for more than one month, you will get an extra month for free.

Banners in our newsletters

We offer the chance to get featured as an advertiser in our weekly newsletters. The ad can point to your website or promotion on social media. As we send these newsletters weekly, the investment is based on four newsletters per month.


Period Amount excl. tax Amount incl. tax (21 %)
1 month € 70,- € 84,70
2 months € 120,- € 145,20
6 months € 380,- € 450,80


Social media ads

Our social media ads are very simple. You can compare them with short product reviews. Instead of an article, you will provide a stock photo of your product and we will start promoting your product. This is a good idea for publishers of books.


Social media platform Amount excl. tax Amount incl. tax (21 %)
Facebook € 30,- € 36,30
Pinterest € 30,- € 36,30
Instagram € 40,- € 48,40

But, you must ask yourself the question: would a product review be better?

Product reviews

We can write an advertorial for your poetry or literature related products. The price is based on the maximum amount of words. The article will include one general trust link and one link to your website (can be a social profile too). Remember that the costs for sending the products to test are yours. The products can be returned afterwards. The shipping fee will be charged. 

This is different from the service to review books. Click here for more information about book reviews.

Maximum words Amount excl. tax Amount incl. tax (21 %)
400 € 80,- € 96,80
800 € 120,- € 145,20

The articles will be pushed to the social media accounts we are active on.

But why?

Still not convinced why you should advertise on our website?

  • Our website receives between 2,000 and 3,000 visitors on montly basis. This number is growing, since we started the website at the end of 2016.
  • Our social media profiles generate more followers every month. Our social media page on Instagram is fast growing.
  • Your invoice isn’t an invoice, it’s an investment in The Ministry of Poetic Affairs; this will help our website to grow.


Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us!

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