Against evil company

Against evil company

He is called the Father of English hymnody. He wrote over 750 during the 74 years of his life. But Isaac Watts wasn’t only a poet. He was also a Christian Minister, theologian and logician. His poem Against evil company is typical for the poems he wrote; a hymn.

About the poet

Isaac Watts
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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Against evil company

By Isaac Watts

Against evil company

Why should I join with those in Play,
In whom I’ve no delight,
Who curse and swear, but never pray,
Who call ill Names, and fight.


I hate to hear a wanton Song,
Their Words offend my Ears:
I should not dare defile my Tongue
With Language such as theirs.


Away from Fools I’ll turn my Eyes,
Nor with the Scoffers go;
I would be walking with the Wise,
That wiser I may grow.


From one rude Boy that’s us’d to mock
Ten learn the wicked Jest;
One sickly Sheep infects the Flock,
And poysons all the rest.

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