An untitled poem by Sasha


Sasha is from France and describes herself as someone who believes in miracles. Imagination can be a great inspiration for creativity. However, so can other life events. Love plays an important role in the poetry that Sasha writes. As for us, another poet worth to follow on social media. This time we will promote An untitled poem by Sasha (Fierr).

About the poet

A few weeks ago we promoted the poem Can you hear. When we asked her if we could share more of her work, she asked us to take a look at her profile on Instagram and choose one of the many poems she has published.

This French poet describes herself as a humble soul, who tells a story through poetry. Her story. It isn’t always about love. She even wrote a strong poem about the war in Syria. This time it is the poem that is officially without a title. When we asked her what the title was, she told us that there wasn’t any title for this poem. Immediately she started thinking about a good title. So, we call this one Untitled.


By Sasha Fierr


We are a
worth wasting
our time
We are
the antiheroes
of a love

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