An untitled poem by Ten of Cups

An untitled poem by Ten of Cups

Pritha Ghosh used the option to tag us on Instagram, so we could read her beautiful poem. A poem about true, selfless love.

About the poem

The poem is all about true love.The girl here is the metaphor of true, selfless love. Love never wishes anything in return.It just knows to love with abundance. But, when treacheries or ill treatment comes into action, true love exists. Even without questioning at times, with all the heaviness in heart.Never to return again.But still, love can never forget loving you.

You can follow this talented poetess on Instagram. She uses the pen name Ten of Cups on this social media platform.


By Ten of Cups


The abandoned improverished girl had nothing to offer
It was only the invigorating heart she had,
She loved you with all of it,
And surrendered with all her rambunctious madness,
Giving her heart, she made you her heaven.

But, your basest treacheries
And unending hedonisic desires
gave her such a hefty shove,
That she left;
Taking with her all unspoken words,
And all unexpressed pain,
Giving you all she had,
Her neverending love left in her stone-cold-cadaver

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