An untitled poem by Tharindra Galahena

An untitled poem by Tharindra Galahena

Tharindra Galahena wrote a poem about unrequited love; when you can’t love the one you want.

Tharindra GalahenaAbout the poet

I live & write in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Currently, I’m working as an instructor at University of Colombo School of Computing. I wrote poems in my mother tongue (Sinhalese) since childhood, but started writing in English about three years ago.

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About the poem

This poem is about an aspect of unrequited love. When you can’t have the love that you want and you’re in pain because of that, in one point you try to make peace with the pain. And you work hard to maintain that peace. But when you see that person again, that resolve gets completely distorted.



By Tharindra Galahena

An untitled poem by Tharindra Galahena

You came and went
like a tornado
and I’m picking up the pieces
of my resolve.

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