An untitled struggle

There is a good reason that we used the title An untitled struggle for the poem written by Nirali Galani. The poem has no title and it’s about a struggle she dealt with.

About Nirali

Nirali writes under the name Echos of Wisdom on Instagram. She publishes her work that is accompanied by a wide variety of images.

Nirali is a Literature student and writes to help others. Inspiration is important for her. She also wants to show the world, what the realities in life are.

About the poem

I wrote this for the people who have lost faith in success or life after so much of struggle. I took the image by myself. It’s a kind of quote so I have not named it.


An untitled struggle

By Nirali Galani

An untitled struggle
I made darkness my friend,
one day it took my hand and
accompanied me till the sunshine!


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