And This is Life

And This is Life

What defines a good love poem? What defines love? Questions that come to mind, when reading love poetry such as Salik wrote. He uses the pen name Salikwrites to publish his work on Instagram.

About the poem

The poet left us only with a few words, when it comes to this poem:

“This poem reflects mixing stuff together in a unique and positive way.”

This poem compares love to things in nature. It also reminds us, how it’s like when someone you love goes away. A poem that (almost) everyone should be able to relate to. Written from the heart and moving in simplicity.

And This is Life

And this life

Love is like a mountain
The more you love, the higher the mountain is
You keep climbing love for more deepness in it
Until you reach the top, you keep trying

But if that person left or passed away
It’s just like someone pushed you off it
But it will take days to fall or turn to a bad person
Until a person saves you to love you



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This article was rewritten in October 2017.

And This is Life
Article Name
And This is Life
A poem written by Salik about love and the possibility that you might loose this love.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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