Another Christmas Message

It easy to forget, that Christmas is more than a time of celebration. There are those, who cannot celebrate. Those who live in a part of the world, where the celebration isn’t obvious or even possible. This poem, written by Harm Jagerman, is Another Christmas Message. For those who are having a hard time, during this holiday season.

About Another Christmas Message

The poem is based on his own experiences. In 2018, it is four years ago that his father-in-law died right after Christmas. During the Christmas period of 2013, there wasn’t much room for celebration.

“I know, that I wasn’t the only one. There are so many of us, who are not in the ‘right mood’ when it’s Christmas Time. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas or not.

Yes, Christmas is a Christian tradition, but the message of love and light in a dark time transcends religion.”

The poem is our way, to support those who are in need. For who those Christmas lights don’t seem to shine in any way.

Another Christmas Message

Another Christmas Message

For those who don’t celebrate
For those who don’t know
For those who don’t accelerate
For those
I say “Hello”
This darkness with mementos
of what it was, what it is and the uncertainty
of how it will be
It is pitch-dark
The trademark
of midwinter
It’s shouting in anger
at skies without stars, black as coal
A heavy burden on the soul
At these times, I wish I had the right lines
The right guidelines
to make stars shine, just at my command
The ones guiding you through this wasteland
of thoughts dark as night
Helping you with your fight
Let them be, nothing more, than a guiding light
Making this midwinter bright
Supplying stars, like daylight
Millions of them, I would
sparkle them, if I could
If only I could
I just would…

Harm Jagerman

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Another Christmas Message
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Another Christmas Message
Christmas is more than just a time for celebration.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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