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As we live in an age where many poets write their poetry using smartphones and tablets, we decided to begin writing app reviews. Our first app review is the one for the app we really love: PicsArt!



You either hate or love certain apps. When you want to publish your poems on social media, it’s essential to use the right app for that. Many apps provide the possibility to share your content easily. PicsArt does nothing else but that, but there is a benefit: no watermarks.

Actually, PicsArt isn’t just an app. It is a platform just like Instagram is.

PicsArt is an app for image editing, creating collages and drawing. It is combined with it’s own social network, that isn’t just as popular as Instagram/ But, still many people use this platform to share their creativity. Mostly those who publish photos. But you can also use the app to share your poems.


PicsArt isn’t limited to just one platform. It can be installed on any new computer or PC running Windows. Just like this is possible for Android and iOS, you can download it from the app store.

In case you’ve missed it: PicsArt was launched in 2011 for Android devices. The iOS app was released in 2013. At that time nearly 4 million registered users. The user amounts kept on rising to 90 million active users in 2017.



What’s it about?

The app requires that you register to save your photos. You can save them online as private photos or as publicly available photos. You can even ask others to remix your work.

PicsArt comes with a wide variety of add ons. Some of them are free, some of them not.

What the advantage of PicsArt is: there is the possibility to add custom fonts. Fonts you can download from websites that offer free font types such as DaFont.


Image editing

Just like other apps, even Instagram, PicsArt offers the chance to edit your work. Nice filters and many, many more features.




You can download PicsArt from the following locations:


Your favorite app

We wonder, what is your favorite app?

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