Are you our new editor?

Are you our new editor?
Are you the new editor for The Ministry of Poetic Affairs?

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs wants to expand. We are searching for new editors for our website. Are you our new editor? Do read on!

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is all about poetry. On daily basis, we publish the work of others. All to promote poets and their work. This can be poets who are famous or – also very important – those who aren’t. We provide an open platform, based on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech, we consider a great good.

We respect those who submit their work to us. The copyrights don’t belong to us, it belongs to those who’s poems we can publish.


An important role in the process of writing articles are the editors. These editors write the articles on the website andĀ push them to social media.

Because we feel the need to share more poetry, we are currently searching for those who want to become an official editor for us.


You are…

  • Interested in poetry or maybe even a poet yourself.
  • Understands what a good poem looks like.
  • Can work with a text editor and WordPress or is ready to learn more about this.
  • Able to provide what we ask.

We offer…

  • The chance to grow your portfolio: your name will be listed as authors and thereforeĀ you hold the copyrights to this article (we don’t), except for the poems you are publishing of others (of course).
  • The chance for you to maintain a biography – with links to your social media profiles – on our main website.
  • The chance to publish your work (if you write poetry) on the main website.
  • Editorial comments for your own work – if there is need for that.

What do you do…

As an editor, you will contact those who tag us on social media, scout for new talent and contact this talent, conduct interviews (mostly using e-mail or social media (DM)) and write articles. There is also a possibility to record your own vlog, about a poem you like and want to analyse.

There is no limit on the number of items you write. You decide what you can handle.


You can send your applications to [email protected]. Include the following information:

  • Who you are (full name, not the name you use to write).
  • Date of birth.
  • Location (City + Country).
  • A biography (minimum 100 and maximum 300 words).
  • Why you want to start as an editor (minimum of 20 and maximum of 100 words).
  • Links to social media, that show your affinity with poetry.
  • If you are skilled with the content management system (CMS) WordPress or not.

The contact form of this website was disabled. The project "The Ministry of Poetic Affairs" is no longer an active project. See for more information:

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