Are you the rat, or the cat?

Are you the cat, or the rat

Are you the cat, or the rat, a poem written by the poetess Aude Olivia. This Canadian poetess, who now lives in Bali, writes interesting poetry. Only a few days more and then her new book, The Madness of Modern Romance, is released. Time to promote some of her work that was previously released.

About the poet

Aude OliviaAude grew up in Canada. She began writing, dancing and acting at a young age. Instead of persuing a career in the cultural sector, she decided to study Business. After she had started three companies, she decided to focus on other things in life; her creative side needed more attention.

On Instagram you can find her under her name, Aude Olivia, where she shares many of her poems. Not all are the same as the poem we are posting. Some of them are what she called spicy and sexual. When checking out her profile, you should also use the button to check her stories (top screen, click on her profile photo). She often shares what she thinks about writing, life and more. A person worth the while not only to follow, but definately to read more about. Aude Olivia is that creative soul, who lights up the world.

Her website contains her blogs and information about herself. On her website, you can subscribe to her newsletters.


When we asked her, if we could publish some of her work, she told us that her new book, The Madness of Modern Day Romance, is about to be released. Of course we will inform you, when her book is released. The book Crave: 10 Keys to Unlock Her Sexual Desire is available on Amazon.

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Are you the rat, or the cat?

By Aude Olivia

Are you the cat, or the rat

You would be scared if
you saw a rat
But what if you saw it being a cat?
Then you’d see a feast
And the rat would see a beast
For the kitty you adore
The rat would feel fear…






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