Poetry is art, but there is always this option to rhyme about art. Other forms of art. But, the poem written by Agatha Nagisa is about poetry as an art form. This is her poem Art.

About the poem

When asked about her poem, she told us that art is an escape to reduce pain or sadness in her heart. These are the things that keep her awake, during the night.

She is definitely not the first to write a poem about how we can consider poetry. To look beyond and realize, that this is art too. Many poets use the hashtags #poetryisart or #poetryisarttoo on social media. How about this poem? This poem captures the pain, this poetess feels. She relates it to art and that is something that isn’t that odd. Some painters, for instance, took their brushes and painted when they felt intense pain. Heartbreak, sorrow or any other kind of emotion formed the basis of many paintings. Not all, but that is just the same as it comes to poetry. Many poets feel the need to write away this pain, while others use the pen to write about those positive feelings. Isn’t that the beauty of poetry? That this is all possible.

Agatha did her best to capture her deepest feelings. Did she succeed? You be the judge and read her poem Art.




It’s chaos in my heart
A burdensome vibrant
colors of my mind.
A deep stroke of
black on paper

Agatha Nagisa / aiharunagisa

Your art

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