Autum leaves

Autumn leaves

Henry Ernest Ejiofor asked us if we would publish and promote his poem Autumn leaves. He combines poetry with his study (philosophy) at the University of Benin.

About the poet

It’s not every day that we receive such a good description of who one is and why this person writes poetry.
I think what’s most important is why I write; I’m sorta the kind of person that has troubles dealing with emotions. I stall a lot when it comes to people in order to control my temper– because I’ve got one heck of a temper, and though this works, I leaves me in such a way till emotions just gather till I’m choking with just too many of em to even know which exactly is the problem and that just really gets me depressed. Good music and poetry, especially good music and poetry has always been for me a chanel to express myself clearly.

Nothing just beats spilling emotions onto a page and really getting people who relate to that.
Nothing gets me like knowing there are people out there like me– both lovers of good music, good poetry and people living with issues — whatever they may be- that I can reach out to with what I write.

We can only encourage Henry to keep on writing. If you want to follow Henry on Instagram, please do so!

Autumn leaves

By Henry Ernest Ejiofor

The autumn leaves fell
Right after we held
Each other, felt
Each cuddle
With silent eyes, unsteady breaths

The autumn leaves fell;
Heart and being
Then beating, as it had seemed
To us,
As we swore before
Our burning hearts
And heaving lungs
Between the thrusts
To be the right to each other’s wrongs

The autumn leaves fell
And all we have to show
For the long, uncertain months
We watched them hang frail
But put on a show
Is the long and endless trail
Of fallen maples

Long withering into the gravel

The autumn leaves fell
And still we stare
At the memories to be burnt;
Our branches and hulky trunk,
A standing, shadowy skel–

The autumn leaves fell
The leaves we’ll burn.
Spring will come, and we’ll move on
And grow our leaves
For next autumn

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