Love can be a wonderful thing when everything is alright. When it comes to a breakup or a lost love, there isn’t anything alright. Ankit Naik (The Drunk Pen Official) wrote a poem about how he dealt with these powerful emotions.

So, what does Ankit have to say about this poem?

“This poem is a lament by a heartbroken lover who gave his everything to his now lost love and yet he has a soft corner, a protective instinct for her which he nurtures. This can be seen in the conflicting nature of lines through the poem which alternates between verses wherein he blames his lost love for his current position and yet how he is concerned about her even to date. This sudden shift in tone of the poem is a reflection of the person’s emotions; these emotions which are waging a war amongst themselves.”



You cannot just burn me down,
and ask me why I feel like ash..
I have splinters of coal,
strewn inside of me!
Don’t try and redeem me now,
you might get burnt!
Yes I am combustible,
a latent grenade..
Can’t you see what you’ve
made me,
a makeshift pyre of our now lost love!
I am black and sooty and all that’s left,
Careful now, wear a glove,
Don’t stain your clean self with another speck of my cleft..
Yes I am dents and ruins,
Can’t you see this is only what I could have been,
a remnant of your doing..
I am a part, a jigsaw piece, a misfit..
Beware, you might cut yourself –
we throwaways have sharp edges –
and don’t come with warnings or a safety kit..
Yes, I am a selfish piece of shit,
If that’s what you want to call me..
Can’t you comprehend I’m tired of giving,
cutting pieces of self and being hopelessly selfless,
A sage, a hermit, a meal for voracious wishes,
there, there, be wise – you might overeat..
my flesh is as sweet as it was back then,
but now you might taste your own laced onto it..
Also, it is even delish than before,
And before you sit pretty and ask me why,
Remember, barbecues are tastier than anything raw and wry!


Ankit Naik / The Drunk Pen Official



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Your breakup

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A poem written about a lost love.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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