Be it love or hate

Aathira Nair wasn’t quite right, when she told us she was honored that we would share her poem. It is us who should be honored to share the poem with the Instagram caption Be it love or hate.

Aathira Nair
Aathira Nair

About Aathira

Aathira writes under the pen name Sprinkled_with_Sass. Her Instagram profile breaths both creativity and personality. A poetess worth to follow, according to us!

I would love it if I could share my thoughts with more people.

That is just what we do.

Words are my way to express all that I feel, see and observe. I either write or paint it.

About this poem

Polite as she is, Aathira asked us the question, if it was a problem that this poem doesn’t have a title. In the caption she wrote:

Be it love of hate.

She explaines what this poem is about:

This is just an observation I made the other day about how people convey very meaningful emotions like love or fury with just through their eyes. But trivial things like envy over stupid issues, infatuations and all are spoken out aloud.

Be it love of hate

Be it love or hate

By ‚ÄčAathira Nair

Sometimes the most profound
emoticons are conveyed through fierce
eye contacts and the most triviale vibes
are blared out through words.

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