Be unique!

Be unique

One of the biggest mistakes to make is to copy content of others and use that as your own content. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs also uses content of others, but it is always clear enough that we used this content. Here are some tips and tricks to stay or be unique! But, what if someone uses your work as their own?

A difficult situation it is. How to deal with the struggle of not finding the right words. The Internet is full of words you can so easily borrow. Borrowing should not be a problem, unless there is a clear notification that the words of photos can’t be used. If there are no restrictions, it’s good to use words of others. However, when it changes from quotations to making those words yours, that is no good.

The reason I am writing this has to do with the submission of a poem. Without calling names or pointing fingers, I can say that this is a difficult situation. Some people like having their work promoted. There is nothing wrong with that. We love to do this. We do this on almost daily basis.

The Netherlands

When it comes down to borrowing content and adding your own name to it then there is this thing called copyright. Even though most copyright laws were active long before there was such a thing as the Internet, they still apply. As we are a Dutch based project, we follow the laws that were made in The Netherlands.

Yes, we use content of others too. True. The photos on our website are from Pixabay. There is a difference when it comes to using these photos. The website clearly states that these images or photos may be used. If necessary (it hasn’t been so far), we include the image source. It is somewhat different when we can’t find the right material on this website. Then we use other resources. For instance Wikimedia Commons or The last website offers also a chance to filter on images for commercial use. Even though we don’t sell the photos, we offer ads on our website. Therefore we consider us somewhat commercially. Even though we use the income to pay for things like web hosting and advertising budget (to make the community bigger).

Be unique

You might ask yourself what all the fuss is. Well, let me tell you, that I am a photographer too. When someone uses my photos without my consent and states that the work is theirs, I get very angry. Someone did so in the past and it did cost much effort to get the photo offline. It’s not about getting credits, links to my website or social media profiles. No it’s about asking polite. And as it comes down to The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we like our users to be unique. You can be unique!

If you are struggling with texts and don’t know what to do, you can always consult as. We can give you guidance. As it comes down to the inspiration: by posting as much poetry as possible, we hope that we can give you as much inspiration as you can have. Between the lines, we also offer some tricks. Tricks or tips that enables you to be unique. Not to enable you to copy and paste work of others and make it yours.

In this case, still no naming, we contacted the writer of the original work. As we still consider the text to be very beautiful, we would like to refer to the fourth paragraph on this website. And yes, maybe I have given too much information, but still no naming…

If you have unique material, we love to read this and post this. Not as our work, but as your work. We respect your possible struggles to get to the end result. We respect you for contacting us about the possibilities of getting your work promoted and we love the promotion work we can do for you!


If you find out if someone is using your work as their own work and you don’t know what to to, contact us for more information. We love to be of assistance.

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