Bear in there

A word magician. That word comes to mind, when reading the poem Bear in there written by Shel Silverstein. One needs to hold on or one must be aware… of the bear!

About Bear in there

Shel Silverstein is known for his poetry for children. Even “older” children still enjoy the poetry written by Silverstein. The poem Bear in there is no exception.As we are scouting the archives that contain so many poems, we came across this beautifully written poem by Silverstein. A poem that seems like there is a problem with a polar bear, that resides in the refrigerator of the poet. Not an ordinary problem, we presume.

But, why is there a bear in the refrigerator? Is there really a bear or is something else going on? Just like the well known phrase There is an elephant in the room. In most cases, there isn’t one. It is deeper or bigger problem. This is just the same. The poet sees that everything in the refrigerator looks as if it has been eaten – half.

In the case of Silverstein, it is a complaint about the eating habits of his son. The rudeness he sees in the refrigerator is something he can’t stand; the mess, the left-overs. This is probably something that many parents can relate to.

Bear in there

Bear in there

By Shel Silverstein

There’s a Polar Bear
In our Frigidaire–
He likes it ’cause it’s cold in there.
With his seat in the meat
And his face in the fish
And his big hairy paws
In the buttery dish,
He’s nibbling the noodles,
He’s munching the rice,
He’s slurping the soda,
He’s licking the ice.
And he lets out a roar
If you open the door.
And it gives me a scare
To know he’s in there–
That Polary Bear
In our Fridgitydaire.

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