Beautiful Lies

Muhammad Yusuf writes because he has all these ideas in his head. He only wished that he had more time to pen these down and transform his thoughts into poetry. This is is poem Beautiful Lies.


We got carte blanche as it comes to the analysis of this poem. Muhammad told us that we could interpret the poem in our own way. Taken into consideration that he is only seventeen years old, there must be something that happened to him that made him feel that he feels old. The term old soul comes to mind when reading this poem.

The poem seems to be the answer to those who sell-out and transform into something they don’t want to be. This should be a good thing, but it left this poet with -what he calls- a hollow soul. At least he can say, that he did not sell his soul.

Instead of going in the direction of what others go, he chooses to believe. To stay. Even if they are beautiful lies.

Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies

Too early I have grown old
feeling feeble and cold,
posses a hollow soul
that I haven’t sold.
With empty eyes
I see these beautiful lies
that I hold dear and cherish
as I drink the elixir of truth
I inevitably perish

Muhammad Yusuf / Warpoet_

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Beautiful Lies
Article Name
Beautiful Lies
A poem written by Muhammad Yusuf
Publisher Name
The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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