Beautiful Stillness

Beautiful Stillness
The poem “Beautiful Stillness” is the result of writing poetry for only five months. This poem is written by the poet who uses the pen name Sic itur.

The poem “Beautiful Stillness” is the result of writing poetry for only five months. This poem is written by the poet who uses the pen name Sic itur.

About this poet

On Instagram, this poet uses the name Among Ataraxia, that can be slightly confusing. If you are willing to look beyond the name, you see a profile that is filled with interesting poetry.

Ataraxia is Greek for the state of robust equanimity (stability). It can be described as a feeling of total freedom from worries and/or distress.

The name Sic itur refers to the ancient Ad Astra. Sic itur ad Astra means: thus gone to the stars.

This poet has been writing longer than the five months of the poetic journey that was shared on Instagram. It all began with songwriting.

Sources of inspiration for this poet are those who also use Instagram. Using this social media platform, it enabled the possibilities to discover more poetry.

“I have learned how close-knit it really is and there are simply so many amazing writers out there, who are able to find a voice on this platform.”

About Beautiful Stillness

The image used for this poem was made by Justin Flores.

It is always a pleasure to discover new poetry and analyse these words of others. When it comes to the poetry of Sic itur, it is not easy to define where this poet is going for. Is it the feeling of tension, when it comes to a new love? This moment of insecurity? Or is it that moment, when you finally give in to the feelings that have been taunting you for so long?

Maybe it’s just about this image made by Justin Flores: when looking closely, you will see so many metaphors: a woman (love), the moon (mystery), a ship in a storm (turbulent times) and a whale (just like Jonah and the whale: trapped).

Whatever you may find in this poem: it is, in fact, a mystical poem, that urges the reader to ask questions. That is the true power of poetry: to never stop thinking about those words you’ve read.

Beautiful Stillness

Beautiful Stillness


“She calls me beneath the froth
and quietly I comply
This night I shall kiss her complexion.
Taste her presence and submit my soul
Deeper I collapse within mystery
Unbeknownst of my fate
She is a beautiful stillness”


Sic itur

Interested to listen to the creations of this poet? Visit the YouTube Channel of Among Ataraxia.

Beautiful stillness
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Beautiful stillness
A poem written by Sic itur.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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