Beauty in destruction

Beauty in destruction

There is always something to think about, when it comes to the situation you are in. Sometimes, it seems that hoping for a change is vain. Other times, one must cherish those moments when all goes well and remember poems such as Beauty in destruction. A poem written about hope by Yashvi Shah.

About Yashvi

Yashvi writes under the pen name The Moody Pen. She is eighteen years old and lives in Pune (India). When she is not writing (poetry), she is studying. She studies at the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts.

Her story begins when she was ten years old. This is the moment, when she started writing. Then she took a really long break, until she was sixteen. She now publishes her work on Instagram.

About Beauty in destruction

This poem is about hope. In this poem, Yashvi uses things that are normally considered as anything but hopeful and attaches them to something positive. She describes the moment when it is dark. Then there are always the stars, with their beauty. About dying she is clear: everyone will die eventually and the true achievement is to live.

This poem gives us a reflection of the world, where there are wars, conflicts and many other things considered to be negative. Yashvi has a good point:

Humanity still continues to exist. And not only exist, but it learns to see happiness and beauty in life.


Beauty in destruction - part one

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Beauty in destruction - part three

Beauty in destruction

There is beauty in destruction,
in carnage, in simply nothing.
A solace, isolation yet calmness.
There is a pattern that follows throughout
the history, of death and sorrow and blood.
But if you forget the blood,
there’s the colour red, beautiful people wear it.

If you forget the dark,
there is the night,
beautiful stars cover it.
We try always to protect,
save, to preserve what is.
And forget that one day
nothing will be, but
just an eternal everlasting beauty.

All that is born,
is made,
is created,
has to one day end.
To die is its destiny,
but never forget,
that to live is its ultimate aim…

Yashvi Shah / The Moody Pen

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